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Your existing classroom furniture is in desperate need of replacement but the sheer number of choices and price-points (i.e. levels of quality) makes your head spin.  The cafeteria you plan to refresh will need to seat 450 students but you don’t want the same tired look and you are not sure if you have the space.  The Media Center now doubles as a teaching space so you need furniture that can replicate a classroom environment without losing functionality or looking out of place.  How many times have you found yourself in positions like these?

Space design affects students’ learning and can have either a positive or negative affect on their progress over the course of the year.  Done properly, it catches attention and keeps it in balance with orderliness.  We have the experience to help you tailor learning environments to match teaching style, coursework, who you are teaching, and budget.  But the classroom shouldn’t be the only ideal environment for creating, collaborating and communicating.  You’ll see this happening throughout schools today – just look at any media center in the late afternoon or cafeteria at the height of lunch time.

DGI can walk you through the “process” of discovery for what makes the best environment for you and your educators.  We make sure we fully understand your particular goals and if you’re unsure, then we’ll help you formulate them through discussions with school administrators, teachers, and even students where it makes sense.  The “process” doesn’t need to be complicated.  In fact we prefer simplicity.  Have old (or new) architectural drawings? – We can work from them.  Have nothing to work from? – We can measure the space and create a template as a guide forward.  No project is too small, and there is no cost for our design services.

Linked below are some examples of what we mean.  Check back frequently as we update with new projects on a regular basis.



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